Amityville Cancels 9/11 Remembrance Day In Favor Of Black Friday

Amityville Cancels 9/11 Remembrance Day In Favor Of Black Friday 

Posted: 11:58 am Thursday, December 14th, 2017

By Joe Rock

Amityville’s Village Board of Trustees has voted to remove the September 11th day of remembrance after their employees said they’d rather have off on Black Friday.

They made the decision at the board meeting this past Monday when they realized that giving town staff the day off on September 11th meant they would lose days off on Black Friday.

Village employees get 8 federal holidays plus 4 additional ones the board votes on.

They were traditionally Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Black Friday and Christmas Eve.

Because Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday this year, staff got Lincoln’s Birthday off as well.


Amityville Mayor Dennis Siry believes the entire country should have the day off and use it to volunteer or do community service.

But as he told Newsday; “The people that are working here, that I care about, they all agree that they would rather have the four-day weekend when their family’s traveling, when their kids are home from school, I would rather honor how they feel.”

Amityville Mayor Dennis Siry worked as an FDNY firefighter himself on September 11th.


In 2017 Patriots Day was added when the board removed Veteran’s Day.

It’s a very complicated formula to decide what days are used.

Should the board make a change? We’ll see what comes for 2018.


Photo by  (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman Shawna L. Keyes), provided by