Are The Eagles Hitting The Road With Jimmy Buffett?

Are The Eagles Hitting The Road With Jimmy Buffett? 

Posted: 12:33 am Thursday, November 16th, 2017

By Joe Rock

Word has it that the current line up of The Eagles will take to the road with special guest Jimmy Buffett.

Being that word comes from Eagles’ manager Irving Azoff I’d say it seems legit.

Joe Walsh says to expect 40 to 50 dates out of The Eagles for 2018 but Azoff cautions the dates with Buffett will only be a “handful”.

Certainly both acts can command enough of a crowd to hit the road alone.

So if this is happening it seems like it has more to do with friendship.

Buffett was The Eagles opening act back in 1976.

In fact Jimmy credits the band with helping launch his career.

Plus Buffett was the man tapped to induct The Eagles into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame.

See evidence of their friendship in the videos below.

One video is Jimmy covering The Eagles in concert last year and the other is Glenn Frey sitting in with Jimmy on “Margaritaville” live back in 1976.



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