How You Can Help Dan Baird, A Rock N’ Roll Brother

How You Can Help Dan Baird, A Rock N’ Roll Brother 

Posted: 11:12 am Friday, August 4th, 2017

By Joe Rock

Just a few months back I had the pleasure of opening for a rocker who I have the utmost respect for, Dan Baird and his band Homemade Sin.

I was glad to meet a truly generous and cool rockin’ guy.

From the first time I heard Dan with the Georgia Satellites I was hooked.

This is what real Rock N’ Roll sounds like.

Then there were his solo records, his group The Yayhoos and also Homemade sin.

You can hear Dan and I talk about music from an interview a few months back here.

But I have something a little more pressing to talk about.

Dan has recently been diagnosed with  chronic lymphocytic leukemia otherwise known as CLL.

Dan came home from his current tour but the band needs to keep working.

I’ll let him explain himself:

After reading Dan’s message if you want to help the band, go see them.

They will nearby on September 15th at Hill Country Live in Manhattan.

Trust me, you won’t regret a Homemade Sin show!!!