Posted: 11:17 am Thursday, October 20th, 2016

WBAB’s First Responder Fridays 

By Joe Rock



WBAB’s Joe Rock will be recognizing Long Island First Responders every Friday.

We’re asking YOU to nominate a First Responder and give us the opportunity to shine a light on them and the good work that they do.


Thanks to all the First Responders out there for serving Long Island and to their families for the sacrifices they make.

Clark 2

Tim Clark

Today’s First Responder Friday honoree for April 21st 2017 is Tim Clark

Tim was nominated by his wife Danielle who said “My husband has been a volunteer Fireman, EMT and First Responder for the Kings Park Fire Department for over twenty years, he is not even 40 yet.  He is currently first assistant chief in the KPFD and always somehow finds the time to volunteer and respond to fires, accidents and many other emergencies even though he works three jobs! He is an amazing person who always goes above and beyond for anyone! My children, myself and our town are lucky to have him!”

Tim thanks for all you do for the community.


Robert Hulse

Today’s First Responder Friday Honoree for April 14th 2017 is Robert Hulse

Robert was nominated by Blaise Gemellaro who said “Volunteering and service is Bob’s life. He is a Navy Vet and a retired SCPD Detective. He is an ex chief and still active member of the Bay Shore FD and a past president of the Islip town fire chief’s council. Bob visits ALL firemen who are have been admitted into either Good Sam Hospital or Southside Hospital each morning and brings with him a newspaper which he pays for himself. we general joke about making sure you stay over a Sunday because that newspaper is more expensive. He was the driving force behind the Islip town 9-11 steel memorial park.”

Bob thanks for all you do for the community.


Peter “PJ” Hluboky

Today’s First Responder Friday Honoree for April 7th 2017 is Peter “PJ” Hluboky

PJ was nominated by his mother Kelly Hluboky who said “My son started out as a smoke eater in the Northport fd. In 1999 he became smoke eater of the year. After graduating HS PJ became a member of Eatons Neck FD in 2005. Working his way up through the ranks he was just voted to 2nd assistant chief at the age of 29.

PJ thanks for all you do for the community.


Kathleen Bennett

Today’s First Responder Friday Honoree for March 31st 2017 is Kathleen Bennett

Kathleen was nominated by Regina Desimone who said “Kathleen is a hardworking single mother of 2. She has been a Volunteer firefighter in the Amagansett fire department for almost a decade now. Kathleen volunteers to help Vets in their fundraisers for the Wounded Warriors and she also runs the Junior Volunteer Fire Fighters group which teaches young potential volunteers what to do in case of a fire or emergency.  She deserves to be honored!”

Kathleen thanks for all you do for the community


Leon Sayler

Today’s First Responder Friday Honoree for March 24th 2017 is Leon Sayler

Leon was nominated by Tom Riley who said “Leon Sayler is great guy! Give the shirt off his back type always with his comforting Great Smile, husband, father, son-law,son who takes care of his Parents that live close by with struggling health conditions with lots of help from his super kind daughter Kathryn who sings beautifully and his wonderful
wife, my niece Traci who had been a dedicated EMT herself for many years and was very good at it! 
Leon for 25yrs.has been a Volunteer Fireman at Sound Beach Fire House, and proudly serves his Community and his fellow Fireman and Emt’s and Police. He has worked for the Comsewogue School District for 30 yrs.working his way up the ladder with his hard work, teamwork and amazing dedication to his job. He is currently Head Grounds Keeper a very important and challenging position, he handles this important position of responsibility with the highest regard with Safety Always first! Leon just last week had open heart surgery and is at home doing very well! Thank God! I hope this bit of insight into Leon’s life that you find him well deserving of this great Honor for our Brave Volunteers!

Leon  thanks for all you do for the community

Today’s First Responder Friday Honoree for March 17th 2017 is Jack Timms

Jack was nominated by Stephanie Jacobson who said “I would like to nominate Jack Timms of Selden. He is getting ready to retire from the NYFD. He has save countless number of lives risking his own never a hesitation. He is very kind hearted and sweet. He has balanced his profession and family. His wife and 3 boys are his first priority.  Coaches their teams along with supporting and building their self esteem.”

Jack Thanks for all you do for the community.


Don Miller

Today’s First Responder Friday Honoree for

March 10th 2017 is Don Miller

Don was nominated by his son Matt who said “I chose my dad to nominate for this out of all the first responders I know because of all the hard work and dedication he has put into his FDNY career of 20 years and still going. He is my role model and I hope I can accomplish as much as he has in his career. He should be recognized for all he has done in the past and for what he does in the future.”

Don thanks for all you do for the community.

Today’s First Responder Friday Honoree for March 3rd 2017 is Dana Dequatro

Dana was nominated by Deb Moore who said “Dana Dequatro deserves to be honored for many reasons. Dana is and has always put her Family and Friends first at all times. She is a mother of two boys and was a City Police officer for many years. She is retired and is now a first responder for the Bayshore Ambulette services. She is very much loved by her community and has provided her services to help those in need, and is the first one to assist when needed. She has always been available when needed for emergency services. Loved by many and continues to be there when needed. She has a heart of Gold. So I nominate Cousin Dana today.Thank you.”

Dana thanks for all you do for the community.

Today’s First Responder Friday Honoree for February 24th 2017 is Anthony Viverito

Anthony was nominated by Debbie Guiliano who said “Anthony not only risks his life to save people from fires as a NYC firefighter but just recently he went to North Carolina to help people from the floods after the storm they just had. He is always willing to lend a hand to anyone that needs help.  God Bless Him we need more just like him”.

Anthony thanks for all you do for the community.


James Anson

Today’s First Responder Friday Honoree for February 17th 2017 is James Anson

Suffolk County Police officer James Anson was nominated by his colleague Steven Darling who said “On 11/11/16 at 11pm PO Anson did rescue a family of 4 including two children from a house fire in Centereach. While home off duty he was alerted to the fire by his 12yr old daughter who called 911.PO Anson then grabbed a ladder from his garage to facilitate their escape from a second floor window while the home was fully engulfed in flames.”

James thanks for all you do for the community. 


Chief Sam Gangi

Today’s First Responder Friday Honoree for February 10th 2017 is Chief Sam Gangi.

Chief Gangi of Exchange Ambulance of the Islips was nominated by Josephine Chiarello who said “it would be the greatest gift to have my chief, Sammy Gangi recognized for his dedication. He is an amazing man in every way. He is not only a mentor and best friend to me but so many others. He takes the time to teach and makes the time to be there as a friend to everyone. If not for him I probably wouldn’t be the volunteer I am today!!! He is truly loved by everyone. Please recognize this amazing Chief of exchange ambulance in Islip, Sammy Gangi.”

Sammy thanks for all you do for the community.


Deputy Chief James Molloy

Today’s First Responder Friday Honoree for February 3rd 2017 is Deputy Chief James Molloy.

Deputy Chief James Molloy of the NYPD is being laid to rest today having died of 9/11 related brain cancer. Roy Richter the head of the Captains Endowment Association said “Deputy Chief Molloy is as courageous a guy as you can find, He led search efforts tirelessly at Ground Zero. His dry wit and get-it-done attitude can always be counted upon to effectively respond to constant dangers he and his command faced. All in the department who knew or worked with him held Jim in the highest regard.”

You can read more about Deputy Chief Molloy here.

Deputy Chief James Molloy we honor you for your service and sacrifice.


James McNaughton

Today’s First Responder Friday Honoree for January 27th 2017 is James McNaughton.

James McNaughton, 27, was the first New York City Cop to give his life for his country as a soldier in the line of duty while serving in Iraq.

Jimmy was a Staff Sergeant with the Army Reserve’s 306th Military Police Battalion, based out of Uniondale, Long Island. Coming from a family of police officers, he joined the NYPD as a member of the first Police Academy class to graduate after 9/11. He was assigned to Transit Bureau, District 2 in Lower Manhattan. He reported for duty in the Army on October 4th, 2002. On August 2nd, 2005, Jimmy’s Unit was assigned a dangerous mission, which was between him and a couple other Sergeants. Jimmy volunteered over the other soldiers because he knew they all had children and he knew how dangerous the mission was. While on this mission, Jimmy was training an Iraqi officer up in a tower and was struck by a sniper and killed.

Find out about an event in James’ honor to benefit multiple charities here.

Officer James McNaughton we honor you for your service and sacrifice.


Brian Mooney

Today’s First Responder Friday honoree for January 20th 2017 is Brian Mooney.

Brian was nominated by his wife Kerri who said “Brian is a NYC fireman and always says he has the “greatest job in the world “. He loves saving lives, putting out fires, searching for those lost in a fire and rescuing anyone in distress. He is a true brave soul with a huge heart and brings it to work every tour”

Brian thank you for all you do for the community.






Steven McDonald

Today’s First Responder Friday honoree for January 13th 2017 clearly had to be Steven McDonald who passed away January 10th 2017. Steven was an officer in the NYPD when he was shot in Central Park by a 15 year old boy in July 1986. Despite the fact that the wound paralyzed him from the neck down he forgave the shooter. Over the years Officer McDonald would often be present at roll calls and to show support to wounded officers. Police Commissioner O’Neil said of him “No one could have predicted that Steven would touch so many people, in New York and around the world. Like so many cops, Steven joined the N.Y.P.D. to make a difference in people’s lives. And he accomplished that every day.”

You can see more about Officer McDonald here.

Officer Steven McDonald we honor you for your service and sacrifice.


Barbara Strievski

Today’s First Responder Friday honoree for January 6th 2017 is Barbara Strievski of East Northport Fire Department. Barbara was nominated by her husband Carl who said “She is a lieutenant in the Rescue Squad, she is out on ambulance calls all the time. She also gives her time for the ENFD Juniors, the under 18 kids looking to become volunteers. She is giving of her time for the community- standbys at football games, Teddy Bear clinics at the elementary schools, whatever is needed.”

Barbara thank you for all you do for the community.


Gordon Huyler

Today’s First Responder Friday honoree for December 16th 2016 is Gordon Huyler. Gordon was nominated by Lynda Bruno his girlfriend, his friend Janet Haight and his brother Ted Huyler. They said “Gordon has been a dedicated  member of the Amityville Fire Dept for 28 years and is the secretary for The Town of Babylon Volunteer Fireman’s Association. Dedicating his personal time and sacrificing for his Community.”

Gordon thank you for all you do for the community.




Kim & Brian Kguloian

Today’s First Responder Friday honorees are a mother and son, Kim and Brian Kguloian from the Smithtown Fire Department.They were nominated by Greg Kguloian (Husband/Father). He said “Kim Kguloian was an EMT/Firefighter 20 years ago. Then she took time off to raise two kids (Brian – age 19, also an EMT/Firefighter, and Katelyn – 16.) Kim is a Licensed Nurse and has devoted herself to helping others for her entire life. She has maintained her active status as a Volunteer Firefighter and recently passed her EMT exam and is now officially recognized as an active EMT again.
She is dedicated to serving her community and still makes time to take care of her family.

She is the very definition of a hero and deserves to be recognized. 

Brian Kguloian is an active member of the Smithtown Volunteer Fire Dept. Heavy Rescue Company 9. He has earned several life-saving awards and is the number one responder in the whole department with the most emergency calls answered for 2016. He has been able to do all this while going to college full time to become a Paramedic.”

Kim and Brian thanks for all you do for the community.


Paula Donnelly

Today’s First Responder Friday honoree for December 2nd 2016 is Paula Donnelly of The Suffolk County Police Department.

Paula was nominated by her friend Heidy Ryan who said “Paula is a Suffolk Police Officer that always goes that extra mile in her job but beyond that she has also been through so much as a breast cancer survivor and after going through all that could not wait to get back to her job to serve and protect.  Thanks to Paula for risking it all.”

Paula thank you for all you do for the community.





Joseph Rondinelli

Today’s First Responder Friday honoree for November 25th 2016 is Joseph Rondinelli of the Massapequa Fire Department.

Joseph was nominated by his wife Joan Rondinelli who said”Joe is an EMT with Massapequa FD. On Sunday night 11/20/16 we were driving home on Southern State. A car speeds by hits the median crosses 3 lanes flips twice and lands upside down. As I pulled over safely Joey sprang into action to help. A woman and her 2 children were trapped inside. Car smoking and the smell of gas getting stronger not knowing if the car was going to explode. He and 2 others guys flipped the car over and he pulled the mom out first then the baby and then he had to rip the driver seat out to get the other child whose legs were trapped. I truly believe he saved them. He risked his own life with half his body in that car to get that family out before any deadly turn may have been taken. If you have any questions, please reach out to me. I am a proud wife today seeing firsthand how calming he was for all of them.
Thank you for your time and consideration.”

Joseph thank you for all you do for the community.


Kevin Preiss

Today’s First Responder Friday honoree for November 18th 2016 is Kevin Preiss.

Kevin was nominated by kathy Buckley on behalf of a group of his high school classmates. They said “We are writing to nominate P.O. Kevin Preiss a 21 year veteran of the NYPD stationed in the 50th precinct in the Bronx. Kevin has worked tirelessly to serve and protect the people of NYC all the while choosing to work midnight’s in order to be available to his family. He has given his time to the 9-11 recovery effort, was the first along with his partner to respond to the Metro North train derailment in December of 2013 also innumerable everyday things he has dealt with and helped countless people through. He was asked to join the elite Counter Terrorism unit within the NYPD where he received in-depth training and now works extra hours providing security at many different events. He exemplifies duty, service and protection; we are all grateful for all he does and feel he deserves this recognition!!

Kevin thank you for all you do for the community.


SGT Paul Tuozzolo

November 11th 2016: For today’s First Responder Friday honoree the choice was clear. NYPD SGT Paul J. Tuozzolo who gave his life in the line of duty and protecting other policemen on November 4th. New York’s Police Commissioner James O’Neill said “Paul was everything we could wish for in a police officer. Conscientious, hardworking, courageous, driven to protect,”. The Mayor commented “In his final act on this earth he served in exemplary fashion doing his all, giving his all for all of us. There’s one fewer dangerous person on the street today because Sgt. Tuozzolo took the lead. That is the measure of the man. He gave his life protecting his fellow officers, protecting all of us,”

SGT Tuozzolo we honor you for your service and sacrifice.


Joseph Collora

Today’s First Responder Friday honoree for November 4th 2016 is Joseph Collora of the NYPD.

Joseph was nominated by his wife Melissa who said “My husband is a retired NYPD Detective, he served 21 plus years with the NYPD. He worked super hard and spent numerous hours at work trying to better NYC. He would come often home at 1am shower and go back to work. There were to many days that he never came home and stayed at work working cases. He deserves real recognition for the job he did.”

Joseph thank you for all you do for the community.


Steven Walters

Today’s First Responder Friday Honoree for October 28th 2016 is Steven Walters of The Patchogue Ambulance Company.

Steven was nominated by his wife Kelly who said “My husband Steve is a Paramedic both professionally and as a long time volunteer for Patchogue Ambulance Company. He tirelessly works to help the people in our community, being a top 10 responder several times in the past 6 years. He inspires, teaches and motivates the people around him. I couldn’t imagine someone more deserving of this recognition.”

Steven thank you for all you do for the community.






Frank Evangelista

Today’s First Responder Friday Honoree for October 21st 2016 is Frank Evangelista of the Bethpage Fire Department.

Frank was nominated by his wife Linda who said “I would like to nominate Frank Evangelista. He is a volunteer firefighter; EMT-CC (medic) for over forty years; rescue diver; co-founder of the HAZMAT/DECON team, and; 9-11 responder. He has saved countless lives, never hesitating to risk his own. While training the inexperienced, he does it with encouragement and patience while sparking motivation for many along the way.  The community has greatly benefited from his hard work and unwavering passion.  His daughter has always looked up to him and frequently brags of his accomplishments.  This is a unique man with a passion to help others. He inspires people with his dedication and selfless sense of duty.”

Frank thank you for all you do for the community.