The Kind Of Concert You’ve Always Imagined

The Kind Of Concert You’ve Always Imagined 

Posted: 5:56 pm Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

By Joe Rock

For all of us there was a time when we first discovered Rock N’ Roll.

I imagine that if you’re like me that happened in your teens.

It is a magical age where we seemed to live and breathe the records we loved.

You’d find those rare albums that every single song was great and play it until the records were worn out.

Sometimes it would feel as if the songwriter truly got “it”, whatever “it” was or is.

I’m 50 now but I remember those days like they were yesterday.

We probably don’t want to admit how many things we do in our lives to bring us back to our youth but make no mistake, there are things that we do.

I recently got my Harley back on the road after longer of a time than I will admit.

While riding Monday I had an experience reliving some of my younger days.

I’ve had the same bike for 23 years.

I’m the original and only owner.

It is like an old friend.

The other experience I had that returned me to my youth was going to see Bruce Springsteen last night at Metlife Stadium.

Bruce was the guy whose records I’d listen to nonstop in my teen years.

I knew every word, every note, every drum hit, every everything.

Springsteen’s earliest records were my introduction, indoctrination and baptism in Rock N’ Roll.

Last night Bruce brought me back to those times.

August 30 2016 Bruce walked out on stage and started his show playing the song “New York City Serenade” complete with a string section.

After that song he said to the crowd “We’re going to play a bunch of things we didn’t play the other two nights”.

Man did he pay off on that promise.

For the first nearly 90 minutes Bruce and The E Street Band played only songs from his first 2 albums and 2 old covers as well.

In this day and age where many artists would quit after 90 minutes Springsteen and company wrapped up at 4 hours and 1 minute.

The longest show he’s done in the US and the second longest he’s ever done period.

The choice of songs was a die hard fans dream come true.

You’ve had that experience going to see your favorite band hoping against hope that they’ll play that obscure tune that just the faithful know.

They never seem to play any of those tunes.

Last night Bruce and The E Streeters didn’t just play one of those tunes, they seemed to play them all.

I’ll admit it, I’m biased.

I am a long time Springsteen fan who has seen him live more than 250 times.

But think about your youth and the band or artist who made Rock N’ Roll a tangible thing to you.

Now imagine they did a show like Bruce did last night.

Maybe then you’ll understand.

Check out a couple video snippets and some pictures I took during the show here.

Do something for me and for that teen inside you who is still living and breathing Rock N’ Roll, listen to that artist or band who brought you into the fold really loud tonight.


Jersey Girl